Tuesday, September 21, 2021 (3 PM - 4 PM) (GMT+8)

Therese Gerdman (Marketing & Communication manager at Inter IKEA)

Therese Gerdman

Marketing & Communication manager at Inter IKEA

Ms Therese Gerdman has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Linnaeus University and LUSEM, as well as a Master's degree in International Marketing and Communications Strategy from ESCEM School of Business and Management in France.

After her university studies, a lot of years at IKEA and a long maternity leave abroad she changed course and wanted to deep dive into the field of sustainability and studied sustainable design and then took a sustainability leadership certificate at University of Cambridge to better understand the area.

Ms Gerdman is currently responsible for creating a way to talk about circularity towards customers, to show the opportunities there are for customers to tap into the circular economy and communicate where IKEA is on the journey towards becoming circular by 2030

Sarah Fager (Senior Designer at Inter IKEA)

Sarah Fager

Senior Designer at Inter IKEA

Ms Sarah Fager has a BA in Furniture Design from Carl Malmsten Linköpings University, Stockholm, and started at IKEA as a trainee in 2007, advancing as an in-house designer and becoming 1 out of 4 Senior designers in 2019.

Ms Fager was born in Canada to Swedish parents and grew up in Nova Scotia and Sweden. Her fascination for IKEA started in Canada where the IKEA store was like a part of Sweden close by and the fact that you could bring a bright yellow stool back with you, which was the opposite of the traditional dark and heavy furniture in Canadian homes, was something that sparked the love.

In her work Ms Fager designs products that are affordable to as many people as possible in a sustainable way without compromising form, function and quality – an approach IKEA calls Democratic Design*. This is the main working tool and a way to structure the creative process to secure that all aspects of the product are thought through and not compromised on.

* Democratic Design is the IKEA approach of always considering form, function, quality, sustainability, and low price in order to "create a better everyday life for the many people”.