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We have the pleasure of inviting you to our event, "The Future of Work", hosted by NBAS(Norwegian Business Association Singapore) in collaboration with our European Colleagues and Partners.

We aim to discover and discuss trends and transformations in the workplace. We'll dive into topics like recruitment, optimal team building, the impact of AI, flexible work arrangements, remote collaboration, virtual teams, learning, work-life balance, and sustainability.

There is a bar where you can buy drinks and snacks. The event is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. Connect with new faces, share ideas, and expand your professional circle while discussing the future of work!

Please note that there is limited seating available for up to 40 people, and it's first come, first served. So, be sure to secure your spot early! Purchased seats are non-refundable.

NOTE: Registration via this LINK


Participating Chambers:

Norwegian Business Association Singapore (host)

Central & Eastern European Chamber of Commerce​

Danish Business Association

Dutch Chamber of Commerce

European Chamber of Commerce

Irish Chamber of Commerce​

Italian Chamber of Commerce​

Spanish Chamber of Commerce

Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Swiss Chamber of Commerce​.


  • Dr. Rashimah Rajah (National University of Singapore)

    Dr. Rashimah Rajah

    National University of Singapore

    Dr. Rashimah Rajah, a PhD holder in Business Management from NUS, is focusing on job connectedness, positive psychology, and emotionality in leadership. She conducted research on the future of work for the World Economic Forum.

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  • Erik Ingvoldstad (CEO and Co-founder, Careera)

    Erik Ingvoldstad

    CEO and Co-founder, Careera

    Erik Ingvoldstad is an entrepreneur, creative force, and global innovator. He has expertise in copywriting, creative direction, digital design, and user experience. Founder of Careera, a groundbreaking recruitment platform reshaping the future of hiring.

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  • Trisha McDonald (Regional Leader, Cloud Operations + Innovation Communities, Microsoft)

    Trisha McDonald

    Regional Leader, Cloud Operations + Innovation Communities, Microsoft

    Trisha McDonald is an experienced leader in sales, marketing, and operations. Passionate about business strategy and corporate social responsibility. Advocate for inclusion and empowering women in business and tech

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  • Yeng Wai Leong (Master’s Programme DirectorMaster’s Programme Director, Hyper Island)

    Yeng Wai Leong

    Master’s Programme DirectorMaster’s Programme Director, Hyper Island

    Yeng Wai Leong is a lifelong learner, educator, and advocate of human-digital-behavioral sciences. Master in Digital Management from Hyper Island. Experienced in product management, digital transformation, and innovation.

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Singapore 059915

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